Sputnik, Really?

Our Dear Leader had such a busy, busy, lots to do day yesterday. Pheew…he really NEEDS that next vacay in Hawaii…

Monday, December 6, while visiting the Research Triangle in North Carolina, Barky felt the need to ‘reference’ Sputnik:


Sputnik, the 1957 unmanned satellite wonderment of the USSR, to label our technological rebirth. Huh?

Did Michelle, during her ‘earth tone’ redo of the Oval Office, place one of the those nifty 1950s ‘Satellite Clocks’ where, I dunno know, Winston Churchill’s bust used to sit? Is that why Duh Won has such an affinity of all things ‘mid-Century Modern?’ Even outmoded technology?

Is Barky REALLY that detached from all things Americana that NASA’s Mercury, Apollo MANNED missions were forgotten? Are all nations (even those that epic failed and crumbled under Communism, like the USSR) now so universally ‘equal’ in his revisionist eyes, that Sputnik is on a level with the invention of the internal combustion engine; the Wright Brothers taking flight; electricity; the telephone; and all manner of medical advances. Nope…to a true disbeliever in anything positive EVER having occurred in America’s history, Sputnik was the Zenith (or Motorola) of the last century for the very reason IT WASN’T AMERICAN MADE.

TOTUS (do they even make sheet glass in the US anymore?) spoke volumes yesterday. American history, apparently starts now, with our ‘historical’ (hysterical?) Dear Leader, and all advancements will be credited to his efforts; vision; image; persona and sweet b-ball skills.

I guess it could have been worse, he could have been speaking of nuclear power (LOLz, I do crack myself up, I know, I know…only ‘green energies’ or those bought from Arab sheikdoms need apply ) and his speechifiers would have to figure out positives to mention about Chernobyl.


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