Can’t Keep the Wifey Waiting…

So Barky bailed and left the Big Dawd in charge. I guess Duh Won didn’t take James Carville’s salient advice and borrow that ‘spare ball’ from Hillary, instead he borrowed her husband:

Really. He did.

Now the true believers (and even at the DUmp and Kos, their herd is thinning) believe that, just like Newsweak said ‘the job is just too BIG for one person’ or how brilliant (!) Duh Won is for ‘asking for guidance.’

ACORN maybe be firing those bloggers for out right lameness and vapid defense of Dear Leader. There really ISN’T any plausible reason for what occurred yesterday.

Since Barky likes ‘car’ references so much (driving that Chevy Volt ten feet must have left a lasting impression) he ‘tossed’ America’s keys to Bill Clinton yesterday to ‘dash’ off to a ‘holiday party’ because he “already kept Michelle waiting for (gasps) a half an hour!”

And this manchild is going to negotiate with Putin? Apparently he can’t even ‘splain the time demands of being President to Me!chelle.

Clinton took the proverbial wheel; changed the oil, the transmission and brake fluids; rotated the tires; and gave the vehicle a nice shiny gloss finish…no mention of vehicles in ditches or political opponents sipping on Slurpees. And he wasn’t steering a Chevy Volt…no, Clinton, like just about every former President (Carter probably liked Yugos) he commanded a bigass, proud to be American made, souped up, armored Suburban. Because THAT is how its done Barry…

For over half an hour, ten years passed his administration’s expiration date; with a couple of heart attacks under his now much smaller belt, Bill Clinton schooled Barrack. Big time. No TOTUS. No notes. No big screens in the back of the room or little screens on the podium feeding answers from a SWAT team of advisors. Clinton spoke about the bipartisan tax deal extending the Bush tax cuts; he went on about START. He fielded questions. He gave answers. Off the cuff…like he pays attention and understands the issues even though he is NOT in office any more.

Ouch. And THAT reality may sting more than being henpecked by Me!chelle.


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