White House Appointee…Jon Bon Jovi?


The New York Slimes gushes its so:


With EVERYTHING else going on at the end of the year in DC (that busy, busy par-tay schedule he keeps with the Little Woman and all–not to mention the final dismantlements of the last bastion of Liberty on Planet Erf) our Dear Leader found the time to anoint, errr, appoint, Jon Bon Jovi (yes, a TMZ Memba Him?) to the newly formed (read worthless pandering photo op) ‘Council for Community Solutions.’

Community Solutions? Jon Bon Jovi? Are these compounds of hair lighteners, thickners, and glossifiers? Will this be a new ‘hair brush ready’ job format for the Hair Club for Men? Nah…its a feel ‘good’ ‘enlightenment’ ‘program’ to blah, blah, blah.

Bon Jovi, it seems had a swell, swanky, in an aging rocker kinda way, fundraiser for Duh Won back in 2008:


at his Middletown, NJ manse…and now Barky is doing a little DC payback…who knew The Messiah was an air guitar fan?

“Shot thru the wallet and you’re to blame…you give the Dollar a bad name…(bad name)…”

(Note from Mare, I would have selected Bon Jovi’s ‘Wanted Dead or Alive…’ but I wasn’t ‘feeling’ “I’m a cowboy…on a Chevy Volt I ride…” it just doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor).

So, Bon Jovi did a fundraiser, and got a ‘Council’ appoinment. His fellow New Jersey Icon, Bruce Springsteen also shook down the botoxed Arena Rock glitterati for some Obot cold cash. So, as Bruce has been known for generations(!) as THE BOSS he probably will get ‘something’ labor related (I bet he has sung SOMETHING IN SPANISH–NAFTA!!!).

The list of celeb paybacks is endless…Steven Spielberg for NASA!; George Lopez…DREAM Act!; the Ladies of the View ( Committee for Womyn’s Rights in the Islamic States…oh…wait…never mind, my bad). But the you get the picture.

Our Poser in Chief, taking every op to pose.

Me, I’m “Living on Prayer…” Pass the (all I can afford) Sauve…I feel a ‘Community Solution’ coming on.


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