Gay Marriage Announcement? Don’t do it Chicago Style…

So our Dear Leader evolved, after reflecting, pondering, and realizing that that whole economy thing was going away…and decided to sorta endorse Gay Marriage.  Biden was even included (for once) as he got early Sunday talk show time to fire the first salvo (or bouquet) on same sex unions.  Toss in the Democratic Convention hosting state of North Carolina voting, a day later après Plugs appearance, AGAINST marriage being anything bua one man and one woman…and what’s Duh Won left to do?

Why turn to the loving arms of the media.  Who to give the exclusive” to?  Who best to share his “evolvement”? Should be a woman…with a BIG network, name recognition, proper ethnocentricity…who else but Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts!  Huh?  

The obvious choice was the one who told us Duh Won was the one we were all waiting for.  OPRAH WINFREY…the woman who launched all things “0” back in 2008.  Since then, the Original “O” has fallen on some hard multi-media times. Her own OWN has lost $300 million (makes a dip into the available. Ampaign donation funding one or Won could guess).  What better way to help an old Chi-Town friend than to give HER the interview?  

And just WHO could do a Gay Marriage show better than Oprah?  There’d be tears, she’d have tissues.  Her audience could have snacked on sugarless, low-fat, gluten free (gottta keep Michelle happy!) wedding cakelets. Gift bag “favors” under each audience member’s seat (Barry could gift a few Government Motors Chevy Volts!); confetti; a balloon drop!!!  It woulda be awesomely fantabulous…Shep Smith would cry himself to sleep watching his dvr’d copy…

But it wasn’t to be for Oprah…her failing network or audience.  It was a not so happy “marriage” announcement….Chicago style.




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