Cain Versus the unAble

Now that I have explained why I have been away, let me explain why I set up a fan…yes a fan…to direct air at my hissing, clicking laptop…

Herman Cain, per a Zogby Poll taken AFTER the Orlando Republican Primary Debate but BEFORE the Florida Straw Poll is AHEAD OF MEDIA FAVES Rick Perry and Myth Romney. Cain registers a healthy 28 percent of registered, likely to vote, Republicans…and full ten points ahead of his highly coiffed, blow dryed challengers.

This is huge.

The media (the drive bys, the lames, the late night comics) all have kinda winked at Mr. Cain. Being ‘progressive’ they had to keep their criticism of the nice (real!) African American challenger to a minimum…being that they don’t want to be (ever) called ‘RAAACIST’ (that title saved for those who disagree in any way shape or form with Barry Soetaro). Oh of course…there was the random ‘pizza’ joke…but it was all in multi-culti good fun.

Now…given the cultural and societal outrage that the Tea Party supports a non-melanin challenged true Conservative, and that possibly a we could, ACTUALLY wind up with a highly intelligent, self made, private sector successful, rocket scientist who actually knows how the Fed works, and expresses all with grand oratory skills (no teleprompter in sight!) African(actual)American President, Herman Cain…the media is, of course, still touting Perry and Romney.

They do know how to pick ’em don’t they?

The Media has sanctioned, it just has to be a ‘blown dry’ candidate (somewhere John Edwards weeps) to challenge Duh Won in 2012. It just can’t be another guy who gets styled with clippers (and that means you too Ron Paul!).

Cain is EVERYTHING that the media stated Obama ‘is’ but in actuality is NOT.

Born in Tennessee, raised in Georgia (he’s American!), he went to Morehouse College and Perdue University (he has transcripts!) graduating with a degree in Computer Science and worked for the US Navy as a mathmetician on Ballistics programs (a grand understanding of the Second Amendment). He retired from the US Navy and went into the private sector CocaCola, then Pillsbury (taking over their Burger King division) which lead to his successful turn around of Godfather’s Pizza. Then a stint as the CEO of the National Restaurant Association. My guess, ALL done without any benefit of a staple gun or ACORN rounded up voter mob.

Sure in Obama’s world Cain is a greedy capitalist…but there was that period of time he spent on the Board of the Kansas City branch of the Federal Reserve…hmmm…what kind of tingle will this spend up Chris Matthews’ leg?

Cain IS the anti-Obama. The Real Thing (no wonder Duh Wonder co-opts Pepsi’s logo)…so just wait for more media coverage of…ahhh…well, John Huntsman has nice hair.

The Summer of My DisConnect…

It wasn’t planned.

It isn’t some grand sociology type quest (can she live without the Internet?)…no…it was the perfect storm (ha…if you ONLY KNEW)…of hail damaged roof and siding; coupled with failing health (DH’s) and major and minor appliances (we are still without a microwave–I am just sooo very ‘retro’). Toss in (for good measure) one newly driver’s licensed teenage son; another son having summer college course work (to get enough credits to take another semester of college course to get his degree. Putting on my NCAA officially licensed foil cap, transferring from one college to another is a nefarious plot by educators, to keep their ‘own’ liberal arts majors employed. Who knew College Writing would be ‘unacceptable’ as a transfer credit…do invididual colleges really write that differently???)…but I digress.

The too expensive to replace the battery in the three year old laptop (it only works plugged in) over heats with a wonky, clicky fan (that is also too expensive to replace)…so…

I spent the summer cyberly silenced.

I can’read’ blogs and news on my phone, but in true Contrarian karma patterns, my TrackBall doesn’t track…so posting from my phone didn’t workout. Nothing like typing a couple hundred words on tiny BlackBerry keys only to NOT have the cursor be moveable to ‘post.’

Laptop is kept ‘off’ and only turned on when NEEDED (school work or bill paying). My interweb rants rate low on the familiar totem pole. We hope to have a new (at least to us) computer of some sort soon…but…I can’t promise anything. My refridgerator is eyeing me suspiciously…

I actually I’m blogging this from HANDWRITTEN notes…so I can type fast and beat the battery heat up. I want to explain my absence before I go onto my next post…

The Republican ‘field.’

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