Down in the Email Dumps…

What is a ‘JournoList’ to do?

After such noted standards of our free press (I know, I crack myself up too…) as the Washington Post and New York times RECRUITED rank amateurs, with only the qualification of ‘sufferer of Palin Derangement Syndrome’ and having ‘easy access to the internet, to review (ie., find ‘dirt’) in the 24,000 page Alaskan State Government email ‘drop’ of the twenty two months of the Palin Administration. At least Arianna Huffington allowed bylines when she used ‘unpaid’ (read in any other context but a Liberal forum, slave labor) contributors.

Along with the SWAT team of LaTimes, NYTimes, WaPo, SeeBS/ABC/NBC/CNN (msnbc couldn’t send anyone…the network didn’t have enough collective ‘Frequent Flyer Miles’ to make the journey northward) ‘rookies’ were assembled at the ready (and thereby decreasing the post counts at DailyKos and the DUmp) to find the dirt; to show how ‘stoopid’ this woman really is; to finally END her public career.

Rut roh…

The almost 300 pounds of paper print outs (what a carbon footprint that is!) instead show a hands on administrator, with a sense of humor and a concern for serving the people of Alaska. They show the former Gov. as tough on ‘big oil’ “Exxon’s Stalling Tactics Outrageous!”; a working mom texting with her kids (Willow texting mom that little Piper ‘needs a cell phone’ and she (Willow) needs some ‘cash flow.’ The most poignant, are the exchanges between Palin and those who wrote with their support and prayers at the expected birth of baby Trig and the the challenges/joys she would be facing “A Downs Baby Will Expand Your World”. Everything…typos, misspells included, is there. And, for the PDSers of the mainstream media…THAT is a disappointment. No ‘gotcha moments’ found.

But contrast the treatment the 22 month Governor of the 47th most populace state with the review made of the seven years of emails of (then) Illinois State Senator Barack Obama and, of course, the email release of US Senator Barack Obama.

(Insert sound of crickets chirping here).

Oh…that’s right. There has NEVER BEEN ANY EMAIL RELEASE OF ANYTHING BARACK OBAMA HAS EVER WRITTEN. Here is a wonderful thread, on FReeRepublic–please give Mr. Robinson’s site the pingy–that reviews from WAAAAAY back in 2007 that Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times (any paper cozier with Duh Won?) politely ‘asking’ for the release. “Emails, What Emails?”

The contrast is beyond stunning. It is TRANSPARENT. If you follow the FR thread to the Politico link from Noevmber 2007, you will find (for yourself) that the servers have been scrubbed (maybe all the cleaning up of what little Obama trail there is, really IS that promised ‘shovel ready’ job). Why? Just like looking for dirt on the undeclared Alaskan challenger is a ‘JournoListers’ duty…destroying the dirt of the Messiah is equally important.

You betcha.

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  1. CCG
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 20:47:15

    Great post MSC! So very true. All those opps to bash Palin – and only good stuff came out. Saw Andy Cooper when this first broke and the CNN journalist praised her – steam literally came out of his ears.


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