Et tu, ESPN?

Anyone else have teenage sons? If you do, you probably know of Sports Center, Around the Horn, and nonstop baseball/football/basketball/hockey etc droning in YOUR house too…ESPN…where those who used to play (or can’t) talk about sport(s) 24/7…

But not in my house anymore. Or at least until one ESPN ‘talking head’ Kenny Maynes is either seriously reprimanded or outright fired. I am blocking all the ESPNs from my cable box. The gnashing of teeth and wailing will commence when THAT revelation is found.

Why? Why would yours truly want to alienate two of her offspring (who will each have a ‘vote’ on my nursing home)? Because of this:

  • href=”!/Kenny_Mayne/status/79576974363852800″
  • Twitter…the opiate of the ASSES…

    Mr. Maynes found it PROFOUNDLY funny to Tweet that he encountered a vehicle with a Palin bumper sticker…and had to refrain himself from ‘ramming it.’

    Oh really? Someone who makes their living in the ‘media’ menacing over the free speech, on private, personal property of others? Wow…how did the DNC not hire Maynes over Washerwoman-Schultz???

    Its ok, even ‘funny’ to threaten vehicular homicide in the name of political agenda? Maynes, after ESPN no doubt got ‘rammed’ with emails and calls, quickly retracted, sorta…in a dumb wannabe jock sorta way. ‘Its ok, I am looking for a President with a higher iq.’ Ken, hon, about that IQ issue…the former Alaskan Governor has not DECLARED her candidacy…but don’t let THAT stop you from a good insult. Intoning my own Dickie Vee….’ITS THE MISOGYNY BAY-BEE!’ because apparently, threatening bodily harm; possible death; and mayhaem on a middle aged white woman (and their supporters) is waaaaay cool and funny.

    But what if the same ‘threat’ was made about a driver/vehicle bearing an Obama sticker? What if Maynes had questioned Barry’s ‘iq?’ First…the Secret Service would have paid a visit; the state issuing Maynes’ motor vehicle registration would be rescinding said paperwork; impounding said vehicles. A SWAT team would be used to accomplish this. US(efulIdiot) Attorney General, Eric Holder, would be holding Congressional hearings and looking into pulling ESPN (and all its variations) off the cables. Multiple black athletes would REFUSE to play their respective sports until ‘the Man’ got his respect. The Revrunds Al and Jesse would be on any and all talk shows ‘seeking reparations.’ Somewhere Tracey Morgan would smile and say ‘and I thought they went after me…’

    But, meh…the comments were directed at a private citizen. A middle aged white woman…the very type who works the multiple jobs to pay that cable bill…so wrong.

    And so long, ESPN.

    You betcha!

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    1. Bunni
      Jun 13, 2011 @ 00:36:59

      I don’t blame you. That guy is a bum and should be fired, how dare he?
      I’m sick of all the violence talk against good conservatives, and these nit wits
      think they can get away with it.

      If they fire him, then you can let the kids watch again.


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