St. Bono of Narcissi

In love with his image…or just the sound of his own droning voice…no one quite out Bob Geldofs Bob Geldof quite like Bono, the Patron Saint of Tax Avoidance. Out to save the world…or just save a big stinking pile of Euros, nothing says hypocrisy quite like a messianic rocker rolling the dough into foreign incorporations and tax domiciles.

Ouch. I guess the world DOES look different from behind funny blue sunglasses.

Later this month, the self proclaimed ‘citizen of the world’ (but taxpayer only in the Netherlands) will be rocked and rolled by UK protesters at the Glastonbury Music Festival when he takes the stage, not sure though if he will be appearing on a Sunday, Bloody Sunday. Some countries residents just don’t respect the ahh-thor-ahh-tay of a UN Ambassador.

Did he disappoint you? Did he leave a bad taste in your mouth? Did he come here to play Jesus…or just shelter annuities; fidiciaries; and the Euros collected from turning in the U2 tour bus Guinness empties? Bono, and his equally one word monikored sideman, the Edge (the other U too’ers are not as pretentious…they still use two word names) and mates moved the U2 mega corporation out of Ireland to the Netherlands in 2006 to avoid Ireland’s high tax rate. Never mind that the ‘native sod’ has been in financial spiral for over a decade…and the much needed revenue that U2 would provide is…ahh…about as missing as the Joshua Tree on the Emerald Isle.

But that is okay…because St. Bono, like so many, many, many OTHER ‘betters’ in the world today (think AlGore and GloBull Worming and Michelle Obama and Kobe/Lobester kabobs for starters) that PREACHES one thing…and well, does another. Routinely. It IS great to save the world…but use other people’s money doing it. Its wonderful to be an Irish national; but pay tax only in the Netherlands; while pontificating (its okay…he is a ‘saint’) about US elections…per Bono (but not pro bono–he is out to make a Euro!) we OWED the world a vote for Barack Obama…its just that HE doesn’t owe Ireland any tax money. With his bud, the not-officially sainted Geldof, Bono ‘created’ (not just schlocky music) but the uber earnest ‘Drop the Debt (on Ireland)’ and ‘Make Poverty History (for me and my peeps)’ “Foundations.” You can’t make this stuff up…but if you do…apparently the Edge will put a guitar riff to it.

I guess after all of these years, Bono and the boys FINALLY found what they were looking for. Its the Netherlands.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bunni
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 01:31:53

    I have been becoming more sick of Bono lately too.
    I think it started when he went on Oprah, and was all with that red thing and
    the other crap, and I knew he was full of it.

    These “rockstars” and actors should stick to their crafts, and stop running around like they know how to save the world.


  2. savagesadie
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 18:44:24

    Bono is in the same category as Sting for me: love the music, hate the politics.


    • What A Hoot
      Jun 09, 2011 @ 20:59:57

      Problem for me is when I love someone’s music and then find out their stinking rotten politics they just don’t sound so good anymore. It has the same feeling as finding out your boyfriend is also someone else’s; just don’t see stars and fireworks anymore…..leaves me melancholy listening to the music once enlightened. I hate losing my songs to politics!


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