Insufficient Funds…

Well, well…it seems that the triple top secret weapon for re-electing Barry Soetaro is NOTHING as mundane as jobs; reduced Government waste and spending; or even Baracketology each spring. Nope. Its our beloved FLOTUS, Fashion Icon(tm), Reknowned Pediatric Nutritionista and all around Licenseless Legal Eagle, Michelle Antoinette Obama…

The crazy kids in the West Wing of the White Hut (who must be mainlining their Hopey Blue Kool Aid via IVAC drips) are convinced that MAO will drag Duh Won across the finish line, won more time.

Real Clear Politics, in a fawning peice

  • claims how beloved the Divine Mrs. O. really is.

    I guess this banking decision/Obamamonics theory is as sound as any other they tried. Like redistributing wealth, proclaiming American devotion to a woman who has only, in the last few years been ‘proud of her Country for the first time’ (after moving into sweet government housing and exclusive use of gov’t transportation) works for them. After all…they have bought her vote(s) (all 14 Social Security numbers) and her parttime allegiance (‘whadda ya mean its not there, Biden don’t need to use AFToo this week…there is a belt sale at Rue 21’).

    Who cannot wait for Mrs. Soetaro to show up in their town to tell them how vote; how to eat; and how to raise their children (hint…get staff). I get all tingly (oh wait…is that a symptom of eColi from the organic arugala?) just thinking about it. Mebbe she will squeeze YOUR town in between her upcoming African vacay and her next leg waxing.

    Bank on it.

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    1. What A Hoot
      Jun 09, 2011 @ 21:01:41

      Snark On!!


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