Rolling On to 2012…

You betcha!

First they came for her trash. A SWAT team of ‘journalists’ from the Lamestream media were dispatched, in August 2008 (I sure hope the Palin’s didn’t use odor guard bags) to Wasila, Alaska to ‘get the dirt’ (or used tissues and coffee grounds) of the Alaskan Governor. Whilst the ‘smartest, brightest, most impossibly geniuslike, did I mention smartest? man on the planet was cruising all 57 states proclaiming, Messiahlike ‘Hope and Change…’ unchallenged, unvetted, without a valid US Passport; college transcripts; or any apararent paper trail from birth on, we learned that someone in the Palin household likes Honey Nut Cheerios.

When that didn’t work…well, one brave mediaite, Joe McGinnis, rented the house next door. He was going to really and trully get the sleeze on ‘that upidity Palin woman.’ That move, while dirt free (though it has never been reported if McGinnis got his security deposit on the property back…the irony…instead of ‘finding dirt’ well ‘leaving dirt’) did spur the Wasilla economy–Todd and friends built a ten foot wolmanized fence to block the ‘journalist’s view’ into the childrens’ bedrooms.

After various meltdowns in the media of everything from precious little Trig’s MATERNITY!, to Bristol Palin on Dancing With Stars; to Track’s quiet wedding; with Willow’s speeding ticket thrown in for recent good measure…with all events Palin being scrutinized; blogged about; researched; analyzed at DNA level; it now has come to….

The paint job on the privately owned and licensed (to and by Todd and Sarah Palin) Tour Bus. Yes…when all else fails…go all MAACO or Earl Scheib on the former McCain running mate. MSNBC’s Martin Bashir (yeah, I don’t know who he is either) claims that the ‘image of the American flag’ on the Palin Tour Bus violates “Federal Law” because it shows an image of the American Flag (liberals hate the Flag til they need to love the Flag) along with some words from that pesky Constitution thingy… Yes…when they can’t argue with your policy; and they can’t defend their Messiah’s…well, they come for your vehicle’s paint job.

Keep on rolling Governor Palin…right to YOUR Inauguration…in your own Bus.

Edit from Mary…

Found this cool site, with FREE (for personal use NOT for sale items) page with Palin Downloads:

My favorite…’Sarah of AK…’ (Think Joan of Arc…but its the bad guys going down in flames this time). You Betcha!

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  1. CCG
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 17:48:51

    Very funny Mary! You should post more often. **I don’t think you gave enough credit for the Won’s unmatchable intelligence – that’s why he needs notecards for a toast.


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