The SIGN(atory) of the Times…

Don't you just KNOW that if Barry had an 'I' in his first or last names that there would be a poofy basketball dotting it?

Its 2008?!?

Who knew? Or wishful thinking back to the days of Hope and Change; iconic columns; cheering crowds; and a Democratic controlled House and Senate?

Yesterday…while signing the Guest Book at London’s Westminster Abbey…our Dear Leader had another ‘Gaffetastic’ moment…that only the bravest of late night comics will dare mention. That is if any ‘break rank’ and poke any fun at his Earness (I am fearless!) at all.

Obviously OFF TOTUS (“Mr. President, you just sign and date the book…you can add a brief sentence if you like, Sir, but just sign and date…got that Sir? No Sir…its a small Nave the book is kept in…no room or logistics to set up the teleprompters…you will do fine Sir…ahhh, yes Sir…I do believe that Palin woman does infact sign books all the time”) another little ‘oopsy’ happened. Mr. Soetaro, showing his oneness with all things ‘International,’ ‘European,’ and ‘United Nationsiee’ signed the book 24 May…and then…well…inexplicably 2008.

Yes…in Barry’s head, its 2008. Too much Guinness the day before? A little head bump from the ‘Beast’ bottoming out whilst exiting the Irish Embassy? Or he really doesn’t know what YEAR it is?

W. T. F?

Me thinks (in my contrarian way) that Barry was just to ‘deep’ in admiration of his RockStar(tm) signature…that the little three year omission was made (though, it could be argued that MOST Americans and even Europeans would like to forget the last three years as well). Now…I say this because Graphologists (those who study the personality traits; nuances; and psychosis of the human mind via the penmanship of the hand) say that NOTHING is more personal that one’s signing of their name. Doctors have long been criticized for their poor penmanship (the idea being they are too busy and important to take the time to write clearly…so that ‘little people’ like nurses and pharmacists have to take their time to figure out what the doctor said–and give the doctor an out of ‘blame’ on said little peeps in the medical food chain if THEY misread the doctor’s scribblings…but I digress). The current Leader of the Free World looks as though many a tree was sacrificed in his search for the ‘perfect’ autograph.

The ‘big’ B with the squiggly, unreadable (you, you little peon person…’figure that line I drew out!) arrack…coupled with the ‘big’ O with the bama tucked neatly inside…well it looks like that took days, if not weeks of practice. I would guess hours went into the placement of the downstroke that is the lower case b in bama…(lean too much to the right…a subtle, Freudian statement of NOT being a true liberal…strike that b stroke too much to the left…and well it looks like the international “NO” sign). What is a RockStar(tm) to do?

So, with the pressure on, and after having to remember that mushy part about ‘common heritage’ (is he English now too?) the date, well the date just went to autopilot in Barry’s brain…after rocking out the big B, shifty snakey arack, big O with PERFECTLY placed mid big O downstroke lowercase b…followed by all three letters completing ‘ama’ well, it WAS 2008, as that was all too much ‘memory and theory’ for a former Harvard Law editor to master.

Just imagine if he had added (audible gasp) the Hussein part? Now…he doesn’t use his middle name because of Islamophobia, or even possibly the fear that the u could be made to look an ‘a’ …and then ‘ass’ would appear (and who among us with the most basic photoshop skills would make THAT happen?) on every order he signs…nope. Those aren’t the reasons why he only uses first and last names. Its because it just takes too darn long to dot that ‘i’ with the poofy basketball he uses.

At least this little incident has made one of the those heralded ‘shovel’ (Sharpie?) ready jobs…someone will have to be on staff now to remind Duh Won what year it is…I wonder who the Calendar Czar will be?

All Too Common…

Keeping it real at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…in a true, Obama/Soetaro sorta way. Mebbes Harry Reid ‘suggested’ wink, wink, Common to the White Hut…to make HIS Cowboy Poetry Festival seem all the more…festive.

Tonight…Wednesday, May 11, 2011…the ‘rapper’ Common (oh…wow…that’s a cleavah stage name…it was shortened from Common Sense) will be reading ‘works’ from his ‘poetry/rap/meal ticket’ body of musings at the White House.

Now, the mix of pop culture and the political has always occurred…but its the irony of this unCommon invite that has caused some authentic ‘keeping it real’ controversy.

Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., aka, Common, was born March 13, 1972 to educator mom Dr. Mahila Ann Hines and from ABA basketball player turned youth counselor turned NBA coach (Chicago Bulls staff), Lonnie Rashid Lynn. His was an atypical, for the rap world, upbringing. A professional mother, a successful (though divorced) father. So upper middle class was his upbringing that he ‘worshipped’ at the uber upwardly mobile Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. (Audible gasps!!!) That is the same church that Barry Soetaro frequented. Do we see a pattern here? Given some of Common’s ‘rhymes’ he must have paid a little more attention to the Pastor…Jeremiah Wright.

Common has written some ‘troublesome’ lyrics…like his pal fellow ‘I had a well financed, stable, happy childhood, so I better rebel with a record deal and drop the ‘N’ word every chance I get’ Kanye West some of them revolve around George W. Bush:

“With that happening, why they messing with Saddam?

Burn a Bush cos’ for peace he no push no button

Killing over oil and grease

no weapons of destruction

How can we follow a leader when this a corrupt one”

Okay…a little more dymanic than West’s ‘George Bush hates Black people’ but same old, same old.

Young Mr. Lynn also seems to have an affinity for cop killers:

“Tell the law, my Uzi weighs a ton

I walk like a warrior,

from them I won’t run . . .

Use your mind and nine-power, get the government touch

Them boys chat-chat on how him pop gun

I got the black strap to make the cops run

They watching me, I’m watching them”

At least Common didn’t give a shout out to Mumia…as well…he is soooo over done. Its good to ‘find’ ones ‘own’ cop killer cause celeb…(his is Joanne Chesmard, a member of the Black Liberation Army, convicted in 1977 of the first degree murder of a state trooper and sentenced to life in prison. In November 1979, Chesmard escaped from prison….she probably has ALL his cds).

So this is what amounts to poetry night at America’s house?

Somewhere in Nevada, a Cowboy sits…trying to ‘rhyme’ racial quotas, entitlement programs and ‘WTF did I go wrong?’

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