My Sweet Embraceable You…

I am relieved. I am. One worry outta my bucket list…

Me!chelle Obama/Soetaro/Dunham, on The View proclaimed ‘I want to embrace the country that I love. The country that I know is positive and fair…’ and as a world traveller (or is that Fellow Traveler?) she knows countries.

Spain is really nice; but they have a snooty Royal family, and once you have done one $2,600 per night ‘castle’ why bother with further ’embracing?’ France has castles too…and they don’t have any ‘Royals’ butt…they do have that skinny, movie star beeotch Carla notSarkozy…so that kinda figures (as in skinny) into Me!chelle’s lack of Franco huggability factor. England…the weather and food suck, and those mean spirited (someone is still miffed at NOT being invited to THE wedding) Windsors have ALL the castles ALL the time.

So where can Me!chelle FINALLY real estate that is ‘positive and fair’ (and comes with 300 thread count sheets and beach front property?)…

Cuba…or in keeping with the whole ObamaLot ‘image’ “Cuber.”

It is totally ‘right’ (in a Socialist way) for Obama. There is no economy (the Cuban debt ceiling has decorative spinning fans); there is no industry (they sorta grow sugar cane…but Let’s MOOve will end that high carb novelty–and Buh-rock has to keep High Fructose Corn Syrup flowing for those damn Iowa caucus peeps). The peasants, ahhh…comrades…ummm, citizenry, are used to an ObamaEconomic lifestyle and for a Peso or two, would once again ‘line up’ for ‘adoring public along parade route’ photo ops. Fidel (or his was meltable likeness) is stepping down (ie., Mdme Toussaud’s won’t take anymore more Cuban Pesos for a Castro figure re-do) so there would be plenty to keep Buh-rock busy…(some Dimocratic donors could pony up some US cash–or whatever currency that will be in use next month–for a golf course or three…STIMULUS and SHOVEL ready, and Trump might even build it!!!). There are even US military servants, ‘personnel,’ there…(finally the REAL reason why Club Gitmo was kept open!)

Cuba…its not just for aging Commies any more…they will embrace middle aged wons…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonna
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 20:55:03

    Good guess, MaryOh! But MoochMo is not much more saavy than her husband about geography. I thought at first that her favorite country might be one of our 57 states, but determined that it’s actually Santaland at the North Pole, where every day is Christmas! Can’t you see MoochMO putting giftie orders for herself in with the overworked elves and forcing Mrs. Santa to produce large fat-laden meals — AND getting to criticize Santa Claus for his BMI!


  2. The Plague Fairy
    Apr 21, 2011 @ 23:38:08

    You’re so clever, Mary Oh! MOO could dress like Michael Jackson in Cuba and they’d love it. I think she’s finally found her real home, bless her pointy little heart.


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