Whi’sss’tle While You Work…

To make America anything but ex’ccc’eptional and the ‘shining ‘ccc’ity on the hill’.

Some blush; Pinocchio had that nose growing issue; but when Chairman Obama really starts dishing the whoppers (lies…not the burger of the same name that Me!chelle does not approve of) the ‘sss’ hiss grows…the bigger the lie…the longer the hiss.

Recent hi’sss’tory will bare this out.

Coalition effort’sss’…to e’sss’tablish a no fly zone…we ‘ssss’tand with the rebel’sss’ …looking for democra’ccc’y…and of course, ye’sss’ I know my Barracket’sss’ ‘sss’uck.

It called sibilants…the whistling sound Dear Leader makes. Con’sss’tantly.

Wikipedia describes it thusly:

A sibilant is a type of fricative or affricate consonant, made by directing a jet of air through a narrow channel in the vocal tract towards the sharp edge of the teeth. Strident refers to the perceptual intensity of the sound of a sibilant consonant. A strident sound could be described as harsh, insistent, and discordant. In phonetics and acoustics the term sibilant is also used to describe the articulatory or aerodynamic mechanisms that produce strident noise. By analogy, the terms shibilant and thibilant are used to refer to specifically postalveolar sibilants and non-strident analogues, respectively.

PERCEPTUAL INTENSITY? Describes, to me, more than just his annoying speechifying patterns. More like the lack of intensity, believe or fundamental belief, the whistles are just ‘phoned in’ around golf, vacays, date nights, more golf, White House parties, and basketball. Its all optic’sss’…read off of teleprompter’sss’ its STRIDENT NOISE designed to lull the great unwashed ma’sss’e’sss to think Duh Won is doing anything of note about anything.

I wonder if Mr. Obama ever had any sort of speech therapy to try and correct this? Maybe it is in his academic tran’sss’cript’sss’?

Oh maybe that’sss’ why they have been kept hidden.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. PortiaElizabeth
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 20:39:14

    Very asssstute obssservationsss, Mary! LOL!


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