Does the Mothership Have Four Wheel Drive?

Or at least all-season radials on the landing gear?

Because the ‘Rev-rhund’ Louis Farrakhan is coming to Pittsburgh’s August Wilson Community Center tomorrow evening (Friday, March 11):

In addition to two solid days of heavy, flood producing rains (hey Louie’s friend Jeremiah Wright’s parishner only referenced ‘stopping the rising oceans’ and NEVER mentioned anything about lowering Three Rivers) the percipitation is set to turn to at least a half a foot of heavy snow (white stuff!?! RAAACIST!!!) accumulation.

Ought oh…that could cause travel problems even if flying non galactic business class commercial. Like an AlGore GloBull Worming blizzard postponed testimonial to Congress, its easy to see that the heavens are not amused.

Who knew ‘the joos’ control the weather?

The Nation of Islam leader (and snappy dresser) is set to be the keynote speaker at an Urban Radio simulcast of the Bev Smith Show on the topic “The Disappearing Black Community and How Can We Get It Back?”

Ms. Smith invited Farrakhan, along number three ranked House Democrat, noted Civil Rights Leader (and hearing ‘impaired’ co-parader with Nancy Pelosi, her 48 pound gavel, Steny Hoyer and dozens of other ObamaCare revelers) South Carolina’s James Clyburn to discuss this important topic. At least one other ‘invited speaker’ (Melanie somebody) has backed…err cancelled out.

For her efforts, Ms. Smith (herself a former Pittsburgh television personality) has been sensitively visited by all three locals TV network affiliates most senior African American on air personality…and in each interview Smith has glossed over any and all mentions of Farrakhan’s well known anti-semitism and/or ‘lack of fondness’ for the melanin challenged population. No…his message, to Smith and her 29 station radio network, is all good. Apparently ‘other’ noted African-Americans just weren’t ‘qualified’ to speak on the issue. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, nope; retired Luitenant Colonel and now Congressman Alan West, no ways. Entrepreneur turned Presidential hopeful Herman Cain? What could he bring to the discussion? Apparently nothing.

How bad of luck for any city to have the politicos of MSNBC, the UFO watchers of the Sci-Fi network arrive on the same day as the Winter Storm experts of the Weather Channel?

Hey Bev, the Steelers lost the Super Bowl…wasn’t that bad enough?

(MaryOhSoContrary will update this thread with a post ‘Calypso and the Blizzard’ report Saturday…weather, electricity and galactic conditions permitting.)


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