GloBull Worming?

Its in the National Enquirer.

Now the New York Slimes might be ‘the Old Gray lady’ of journalism…but the Enquirer is the middle aged, tanning boothed, roots not showing ‘mom’ of journalism. Think Snooki with spell check, an estrogen patch, and a newswonk’s purpose.

The reliable, though gossipy, yet seemingly ALWAYS correct Enquirer has proclaimed that our _resident, needs wormed:

They report (and I guess we decide) that the jet setting Reader of Free World ‘picked up’ the parasite last year. In Hawaii. How convenient. Could he have also stopped and picked up his Long Form Hawaiian Birth Certificate? But I digress…

Now this is a man who travels with his own Chef; no doubt the Secret Service ‘checks’ the food and its preparation, but has somehow picked up a parasite. A worm. Somehow, something got ‘into’ his Barracky Road…

The Israeli’s test STUXNET and bring down Iranian nuclear centrifuges; yet somehow the most ‘powerful man on the Planet’ (lolz…this isn’t about George Soros but instead)…his BFF Barry somehow comes down with a third world malady usually reserved spring breakers who actually drink water? Is this some kind o fluke (pun intended)?

The ‘paying attention’ world is noticing that something is making Duh Won, the Super Skinny Won. And rather than ‘traditional’ journalistas saying ANYTHING disparaging…well…its a dirty job…let the tabloid do it.

What ‘story’ works best?

Stress? Doubtful as no world leader ‘vacays’ more.

Pressures of the job? Nah…Valerie Jarett is holding up pretty well.

A real ‘non-parasitic’ health issue? Could it be that ‘I went to the Ouhu shave ice stand, and look what I got’ explanation is a cover for something more serious. I sure hope not…but it seems the ‘trial balloons’ (or sample sizes of Pina Coolada ice) are being served these days by the TRUE journalists (who knew ‘first’ of blue dresses and Presidential candidate paternity claims) at the National Enquirer.

Those who report the antics of Nicole Polizzi may become the Neo Pulitzer with the breaking story of a President who is a fluke in more ways than Won.

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  1. The Plague Fairy
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 13:40:34

    Don’t you wonder how MOO avoided the fluke of teh day on the Hawaii vacay? Is it possible that even the ascarids are a-skeered of MOO’s eyebrows? I sure am…


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