Together We Contrive…

To kick off Barry Soetaro’s 2012 Presidential bid. (Take THAT pale, skinny, FaceBook lady from Alaska!).

Wednesday night’s ‘Mournapalooza’ (hat tip to Joy Tiz at Canada Free Press) is being touted as the ‘defining’ speech of Obama’a tenure. Okay…if that’s what they want…

Proclaimed near Biblical in tone (really, actually Biblical with both Big Sis and Eric Holder reading the words of the Original ‘Big Guy’–no, not George Soros) full of Hope and Miracles(tm)!!! Did they flood the Hospital parking lot so that Dear Reader could ‘walk in on water?’ I know, I know…that wouldn’t be ‘green’ but…

Who hasn’t been at a Memorial where they were greeted with a tee-shirt at their seat?
What, no swag bags? I guess the original Obama new age blue would have been too obvious, instead the ‘planners’ came up with a off navy shirt (kind of the blending of Barky Blue and SEIU purple…Yes We Can!) Did any of the deep thinkers who decided to churn out, oh 20,000 plus tee-shirts (at at cost of $60,000–paid for by the University of Arizona–thanks parental student loan takers of the Grand Canyon State!!!) ever consider how the victims families (memba them???) would feel (and aren’t libs ALWAYS about feelings???) seeing the tee shirts at the grocery store??? Do they need a constant, shrink proof cotton reminder?

All of this raises two questions, were these Union made of ‘Erf friendly, unbleached cotton,’ and, how will the hiring of the ’round the clock’ silkscreen staff affect Arizona January employment numbers???

Somewhere the Wellstone family weeps. They never thought of ‘Officially Licensed’ totebags and keyfobs.

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  1. Lynn II
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 18:43:58

    Not to worry Mary, the “grant check” from OfA is in the mail. It’s the least the Dept. of Education, federal level, could do to defray those T-shirt expenses.


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