I <3 James Harrison…

Because he has become the Sarah Palin of the NFL…the much fined All-Star linebacker is the sporting equivalent of the much maligned former Vice Presidential candidate.

He is not a former politician; he has not, to my knowledge given birth five times; nor does he have a travelogue of Alaska that bears his name. And for all I know, he might think John McCain is a third string Arizona Cardinal…but 92 of the Black and Gold is every bit a polarizing.

You betcha.

Anyone who watched NBC’s Sunday Night Football Game between the Stillerz and the Squeaky Black Birds (sorry, but Edgar Allan Poe and 300 pound line men are not an automatic mix) saw James Harrison on the bench; on the field; walking to the bench; getting as drink; sitting and standing.

Why? Because the NBC crew ‘knew’ he would ‘do something’ that would ‘provoke’ ‘something.’ Like Palin at a fundraiser; in a greenroom (or in her own backyard) the media ‘expects’ something to happen, where eveh she is. James should see if ESPN will give him a commentator gig like Fox gave Sarah. Same difference…same media fascination.

Last night, on any play he was involved in, at the end, Harrison continually was shown ‘helping’ Baltimore players to their feet after the whistle. Did he always do this? Is he softening his image (or trying to earns ‘tips’ to help with his 125K fine ‘jar?’) We know this because the camera NEVER left him….so much so that when fellow Steeler Heath Miller took a late, flagless helmet hit from Raven Jameel McClain, and as Miller frighteningly lay motionless…NBC’s producers saw fit to zoom on Harrison, on the bench, talking to his fellow Steeler defenders. It was pretty obvious he was saying ‘if that was me…’ If it had been a Harrison hit that immobilized a Raven opponent, he probably would have been pulled from the field; his car parked at the Pittsburgh Airport impounded, assets frozen, and Roger Goddell would have held an immediate presser.

Miller was able to walk, though shakily, off the field on his own. Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth discussed that at length that the Carr hit would be reviewed by the NFL, and that a penalty flag should have been thrown. A subsequent Harrison sack of Ravens’ QB Flacco was replayed (from all angles) to prove its ‘cleanness’ and ‘textbook form’ (kinda like the former Alaskan Governor’s FaceBook posts about ‘Death Panels’ being reviewed, parsed, and proclaimed ‘found’ in (for reals!) In ObamaCare… But that was not the end.

After the Steeler win, during post game interviews, Harrison channeled his inner Palin (whether he knows it or not). Like any annoying lame streamer, NBC’s Andrea Kremer could’nt wait to ask Harrison about the McClain hit; and did 92 get all PC? Did he answer the breathless query with platitudes and deference to the NFL powers that be? Nah…like a Palin tweet or FB post, Harrison, eyes rolling steam literally coming off his head, gave audio to the former lip read ‘if I had made that hit…”

James, start writing commentary on the palm of your hand…you’ll get your message ‘out’ around the mainstream sports media bias.

You betcha!

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  1. Integrity1st
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 03:18:28

    Hey Girl:

    It’s probably in the MOST obvious of places, but I can’t find your email on your site, and I spent some time lookin’. Can you see mine from posting and send me yours?


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