I Hope Obama Care Will Cover Those…


All twelve ‘fine filament’ ones received by our Dear Leader the day after Thanksgiving…I would call it ‘Black Friday’ but who wants to be called ‘RAAACIST’ on a holiday weekend?

Barky, as the whole WORLD now knows, took, not one for the ‘team’…nope…just an elbow to the chops…and got an ‘owwie’ that  had to be sewn up.  Now for the rest of us, a split lip is treated in the ER, with a butterfly or two; or some liquid suture stuff, or perhaps a ‘knot or three’ (if your ER doc feels ‘comfortable’ sewing a facial part).  When you are the Leader of the Free World it is understandable that you would get private, immediate care.  And even somewhat understandable  that that whole ‘cosmetic’ issue would come into play, and a plastic surgeon would be called in to do the handiwork (and those folks can do three or four stitches in the space a mere mortal doctor does one).  That I understand that Duh Won ISN’T covered by regular old Blue Cross and Blue Shield or an HMO, and that he and ALL top level Feds are covered under some super deduper top secret health care plan that isn’t ‘affected’ by OBAMACARE…

I even grasp the concept that, after the elbow hit him he (using my mom skillz here) he probably bled…alot.  And I would imagine that the Secret Service NOT wanting him to appear bloodied (lips and foreheads can gush) that they cleaned him up; swapped his shirt for a clean one; handed him the gauze and walked him to the car…

Its what happened AFTERWARDS that leaves me feeling woozie…

First, Barrack as Mrs. Gates?

Barack Obama

The media reports (and video shows) him looking out the window (while holding an ice bag…IBOTUS?) while the official White House Christmas tree was being received by Shelli and the Wee Wons.  Wasn’t any advisor present to say ‘whoa, Mr. President, that’s kinda creepy looking out the window like that…how about reading the intel on North Korea instead?’   Was THAT Rahm’s official job???  Que the ‘Psycho soundtrack…’

Or where they all breathlessly preparing the press release…OUTTING the elbower!!!

There is no crying in basketball, nor is there snitching, yet somehow Bagdad Bob Gibbs found his way to a press assemblage to FINGER (and not one holding a spinning bball, GlobeTrotter style) Rey Decerega, Director of Programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus as the elbower (I wanna know, left or right?).   In other words, drive the lane, feel the pain, audit the ‘offending playah’ back to when LeBron was in middle school.

Now there are only three things that can come of this public (as Barky would say) ‘shout out.’  One, Decerega becomes the late night comedians’ darling for a few days; two, he gets deluged with ‘Thank You’ cards from Right Wingers; or three, he gets time to talk to his lawyers and accountants BEFORE the IRS audit starts…and Eva Longoria thought Tony Parker didn’t play ‘clean.’

The story, as reported by YahooNews:


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