Kimchee Summit Anyone?

The US wakes up this morning to the news that Kim Jong Il’s progeny and heir apparent (let’s just call him Junior) hit the buttons and sent some North Korean artillery reigning down upon South Korea…with the Nork shells hitting a South Korean Island.

Tensions are high to say the least; and aren’t all glad that, just like the NoKos…we have our OWN Dear Leader, sitting in the White Hut?

Yes, I too am afraid…

For the US’s part and support, Barky, after several texts from George Soros; Obot minions dispatched to the web to ‘read’ the base ‘down in the DUmps;’ and a ‘three a.m. phone call to resident Democrat ‘foreign policy expert, Joe BiteMe’  who, when awakened, mumbled something about “daddy, training wheels coming off, and don’t you have Hillary’s cell number?” released a really, super deduper, strongly worded response.  And he WILL acknowledge it, right after he reads it off of TOTUS…in the mean time, Press Secretary Bob Gibbs, was dispatched and called out  North Korea to ‘halt this belligerent action.’

South Korea has always been a strong allie; tens of thousands of US Troops are stationed there…this is isn’t an isolated act of aggression (a South Korean warship, back in May: )  But it how the world, and South Korean allies react that makes all the difference.

Elections do have consequences…


Midday, it has been confirmed that two South Korean Marines were killed, and 17 civilians injured.  South Korea has stated that any further aggression will be met with ‘sternly’  to any further provocations.  From the UK Telegragh:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alabama Buzzer
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 16:57:31

    Elections do have consequences…so let’s rock the 2012 election – our way! With the help of your big wand we can turn HIM and HER back into the pumpkins they were!


  2. yomotley
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 18:06:21

    MaryOhSo, great blog! I get out of, “Wand just big stick with a lot of bling”! I look forward to being a regular visitor.


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