Honey, Does This Caddy Make My Administration Look Small??

This Ain't No Kia!

So, Dear Leader came back from India/Korea/Japan…the 3000 Official Aides; Aides to Official Aides; Ladies In Waiting; Interns to the Aides, otherwise known as ‘Da Posse’ unpacked; did some laundry; vacuumed the crumbs outta Air Force Won and now…

Are off to to Lisbon!!!  And what oh what is the topic at THIS particular G-20 confab (and yes, it IS a whole NEWBIE topic from LAST week’s G-20…which is just so…well, last week!) why of course, GLOBULL WARMING!!! And Smart Carz and Smart Buses…and, reducing Carbon FootPrints (or FingerPrints) and our very Prexie is tooling ’round Lisbon town in, the official Cadillac of the United States…not so fondly named by the Euro Press ‘The Beast.’


No one on the planet needs more security than the President of the United States.  That is a given…yet, one has to wonder…did anyone look at THIS G-20 meeting agenda  meme and be like ‘ahhh, this Spanish coffeeklatch is all about carbon credits and electric cars, maybe we should ‘Go To Meeting.Com’ this one and keep with the Greenie spirit happening?’


Road Trip!!!

(Maybe Michelle mentioned some swell restaurants)!

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