Drive, Baby Drive

Well, she’s at it again. Big Sis, Janet Napolitano is going to bring the Wrath of the TSA down on anyone (well other than a modest, and is there any other kind? Muslim) who dares REBEL or REVOLT against the long arm and frisky fingers of her Agents:

That’s right…you unpatriotic grandmas with your 18 Hour (hey, they could have a timer!) bras; nuns in habit; nursing moms; women recovering from breast cancer surgery…ha!!! YOU are ALL fair game (unless you wear a burqa)…all of you grandpas with your heart stents and oxygen; and you veterans with rods and prosthetics…you are ALL suspects (unless you are named Mohammed something or the other). Along with any and all babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, kindergartners; elementary, middle and high school students AND any college student NOT enrolled in a Middle Eastern Studies program who are NOT traveling with Moh and his heavily upholstered wife/wives.

Other than ‘sudden airport conversions’ I see the rental car industry (and here comes $4.00 a gallon gas again!) as a booming growth industry. We can all brush up on ‘driving in heavy snow’ skills or just resign ourselves to having holidays away from relatives (yet another growth industry…anti-depressants!)

That the religious set that now is screaming ‘modesty’ and ‘not allowed in our faith, but hey…go frisk that Catholic nun’ and being PERMITTED EXEMPTION is bizarre at best and will be fatal at worst.

Frisking is offensive; sniffer dogs offensive and unclean; but the rest of the flying population (you know the ones who historically DON’T bring down planes) must be physically and psychologically assailed before boarding.

First they groped the Pilots and Stewardesses, but I didn’t work for an airline…

Then they frisked the business travelers, but I didn’t fly that often…

When TSA finally gloved up for me…I was all alone…everyone else gave up and just drove.

See you down at the National Car counter…if you see McEnroe, get his autograph on the rental agreement!

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  1. Alabama Buzzer
    Nov 13, 2010 @ 22:29:05

    What do you mean Ophelia Goodies???? That is what some friends have named her; Janet Napolatano who thinks she is the female Napolean?


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