For Once In My Adult Life, I am Proud of Michelle Obama…

Honestly.  I am.

Our Fashion Icon(tm) FLOTUS had a little ‘ME!’chelle’ moment yesterday…and good for her (even if she didn’t do it for the reasons I am gonna place on it)

Anyone else memba the tiny (like a small frail Monarch) brouhaha over our newly minted FLOTUS  putting her hand on the back of Queen Elizabeth (after gifting her with an iPod of Dear Leader’s ramblings?) Remember how the British press DIDN’T WANT TO EMBARRASS MRS. OBAMA, and with true Windsor grace overlooked the indiscretion.  To her credit, Liz (anyone who has been as stalwart and steadfast as Queen Elizabeth, from WWII on deserves a sweet modern call out too) didn’t flinch; she didn’t faint; she didn’t summon the M5, Scotland Yard, or even those decorative Beefeaters…nope, Queen Liz just smiled sweetly and welcomed her protocol challenged guest.

Fast forward to Jakarta, Indonesia yesterday.  With volcanic ash and earthquake tremors adding to the Secret Service stress levels, our Fashion Icon(tm) FLOTUS extended her hand to Muslim, Indonesian Information Minister, Tifatul Sembiring, and (AUDIBLE GASPS OF SHEAR HORROR!) and he HAD to shake it!!!  And actually, the dozens of YouTube video show him, IMO, gleefully pumping Mrs. O’s hand with both of his hands.


Ululululululul…poor Tifatul shook the hand of a women he is NOT related too (but Tif, please check, with Barky’s family tree…well maybe you ARE related!).  So what is a (MIS )Information Minister to do???  Why of course Tweet, and Blog about the ‘incident’ and how the American FLOTUS MADE HIM DO IT!!!…hey Tifatul, just because SHE looks like Flip Wilson’s Geraldine, the Devil did NOT maker he do it.

No…she is an American woman; and that is how American men and women (who have jobs, careers, and choices in what they can wear) greet YOU bud…its the way Americans greet people all over the world.  Good for ME!celle.  Even if you did as a reflex (and that probably is the truth) non the less, she pointed out the lunacy of bowing to Muslim extremes.   And maybe because the beloved FLOTUS is being dissed so severely, some more Americans will realize the concession WE are being forced to make.

ME!Chelle…have one of your Ladies in Waiting at the ready with Hand Sanitizer, and shake hands all over the world.




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Auntie Lib
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 03:12:51

    Ok, you can be proud of her for the handshake, but, tell me – honestly – that pantsuit???? OMG. Pass the eye bleach.

    I’ve got you linked from my blog!


  2. Integrity1st
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 03:37:33

    Love your writing!


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