The British Press Once Again Doing the Heavy Lifting US JournoLists Won’t

Like the IT and call center outsourcing to the host nation of India, it is the British press, in this case the UK Daily Mail, doing the job American pressititues won’t…reporting on the excesses of Dear Leaders ‘visit’ to India.

Not ever begrudging the needed security…but definitely calling out the over the top opulence of all things Obama on this trip. Wagyu beef and White House Concert nights have revved to a nine jumbo jet entourage to ‘see’ the Diwali; a ‘Barky wants to visit’ tour of the Ghandi Museum becomes an engineering marvel of an instanta tunnel (just add labor and air conditioning!). I am awaiting the ‘date night’ visit to the actual Taj Mahal. How many millions and how many Indians will ‘used’ for THAT photo-op?

At a time of profound 10 percent US unemployment (with, ironically so many of the white collar jobs having been ‘outsourced’ to India–even NBC is attempting gallows humor with a same title sit(lack of)com), is it really well thought out to spend approximately 200 million per day on a ‘visit?’

You could say ‘let them eat curry,’ but the ensuing, Obama required, air cleaning/purification system would add another 10 mil or so.

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  1. JerseyGram
    Nov 09, 2010 @ 17:46:00

    I liked this a lot, Mary. I’ll put you on my list of sites to check in on daily. Congratulations! And you made me laugh….AGAIN!


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