Some Whistles Blown are More Equal Than Others…

Especially when NOT tooted by the New York Times.

Anyone else memba when NYTimes reporter extordinaire, Andrew Revkin, so pompously ‘above it all’ when he emphatically stated (regarding the New York Times REFUSING to publish any and all of the ‘leaked’ East Anglia University ‘Exposing GloBull Warming for the Sham It Is’ emails) because …”The documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private information and statements that were never intended for the public eye, so they won’t be posted here.”

One can almost imagine the ‘Old Gray Lady’s’ multi-rhinoplastied nose pitched high in the air…indignant…and all.

And just what, oh what OCCURRED with the release of the of the East Anglia tell all emails?  Some really, super sweet research grants went awry and some tenured Profs had to actually TEACH again?  AlGore was recalled as Pope of the Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming?  The Barky/Biden/Clinton/Emmanuel/Axelrod/Vah J.J.Jarett concocted, all wealth grabbing ‘Chicago Climate Exchange’ had to disband?  GE was left with gazillions of curly light bulbs?

Its not like operatives in the MidEast had their lives on the line or anything…but…and with this bunch, there is always a but…

With the WikiLeaks springing forth over 250,000 pinholes in the SS Obama this weekend, operatives, both foreign and domestic have been compromised…some with the ultimate sacrifice, their very safety and lives…and yet the New York Times (because face it…it fits their leftie narative) sees fit to publish.  Above the fold.  To be continued infact…because the Wiki ness of it all ‘fits’ the paradigm of US “bad” and “needs taken down” whilst East Anglia emails just pretty much pointed out what most thinking people already knew, regarding anthropogenic ‘manmade’ global warming…’sham!!! wow!!!”

What the Times DIDN’T see fit to publish today was the whiny, begging missive  ‘don’t release the documents, mmmkay?’ letter sent by State Department Chief Legal Eagle, Howard Koh to ‘WikiLeaks’ (what, even I know its Julian Assange as Chief Operating Officer of Leakages).  THAT would have embarassed Obama (and Hillary) so we couldn’t have that.  It was, no doubt, sternly worded, and peppered with “please,” “pretty please,” and “with sugar on top…” (everyone, right up to Mrs. Clinton was a little worried about that turn of phrase…they don’t want the ’empty calorie wrath of Michelle’ reigning down on them).

I wonder if the Times would have seen fit to publish what SHOULD have been sent (if State or any Obot agent had, as James Carville laments, “an extra one from Hillary…”) “Hey Julian, see anything in the sky, silently zipping your way??? Stay ALERT!!!  LOLZ…Howie K….at State.”

Maybe some TOUGH TALK would have caused a few hundred thousands plugs?

I Hope Obama Care Will Cover Those…


All twelve ‘fine filament’ ones received by our Dear Leader the day after Thanksgiving…I would call it ‘Black Friday’ but who wants to be called ‘RAAACIST’ on a holiday weekend?

Barky, as the whole WORLD now knows, took, not one for the ‘team’…nope…just an elbow to the chops…and got an ‘owwie’ that  had to be sewn up.  Now for the rest of us, a split lip is treated in the ER, with a butterfly or two; or some liquid suture stuff, or perhaps a ‘knot or three’ (if your ER doc feels ‘comfortable’ sewing a facial part).  When you are the Leader of the Free World it is understandable that you would get private, immediate care.  And even somewhat understandable  that that whole ‘cosmetic’ issue would come into play, and a plastic surgeon would be called in to do the handiwork (and those folks can do three or four stitches in the space a mere mortal doctor does one).  That I understand that Duh Won ISN’T covered by regular old Blue Cross and Blue Shield or an HMO, and that he and ALL top level Feds are covered under some super deduper top secret health care plan that isn’t ‘affected’ by OBAMACARE…

I even grasp the concept that, after the elbow hit him he (using my mom skillz here) he probably bled…alot.  And I would imagine that the Secret Service NOT wanting him to appear bloodied (lips and foreheads can gush) that they cleaned him up; swapped his shirt for a clean one; handed him the gauze and walked him to the car…

Its what happened AFTERWARDS that leaves me feeling woozie…

First, Barrack as Mrs. Gates?

Barack Obama

The media reports (and video shows) him looking out the window (while holding an ice bag…IBOTUS?) while the official White House Christmas tree was being received by Shelli and the Wee Wons.  Wasn’t any advisor present to say ‘whoa, Mr. President, that’s kinda creepy looking out the window like that…how about reading the intel on North Korea instead?’   Was THAT Rahm’s official job???  Que the ‘Psycho soundtrack…’

Or where they all breathlessly preparing the press release…OUTTING the elbower!!!

There is no crying in basketball, nor is there snitching, yet somehow Bagdad Bob Gibbs found his way to a press assemblage to FINGER (and not one holding a spinning bball, GlobeTrotter style) Rey Decerega, Director of Programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus as the elbower (I wanna know, left or right?).   In other words, drive the lane, feel the pain, audit the ‘offending playah’ back to when LeBron was in middle school.

Now there are only three things that can come of this public (as Barky would say) ‘shout out.’  One, Decerega becomes the late night comedians’ darling for a few days; two, he gets deluged with ‘Thank You’ cards from Right Wingers; or three, he gets time to talk to his lawyers and accountants BEFORE the IRS audit starts…and Eva Longoria thought Tony Parker didn’t play ‘clean.’

The story, as reported by YahooNews:

CookingPalooza and Giving Thanks and But NOT Transfats!

Cornbread for the stuffing is baked and is cooling; the celery, mushrooms, and onions still to be cut and sauteed.  White bread to be cubed…

Pumpkin pies are baking (so I can ramble on the internets til my timer goes off…and no, I don’t have a red plastic pop up thingy…my non-BarkyCare dermatologist has done wonders).  Still to make a pumpkin cheese cake.

Ten pounds of potatoes are taunting me (yes ten pounds); so are the sweet potatoes (and don’t fret if you are reading this…I have ‘pretested’ the marshmallows…they seem fresh…but will have to do further research later.  That is the type of concerned hostess I am).  Green beans, corn, and their respective accompaniments are at the ready.  I didn’t even forget cranberry sauce, and the nice folks at Heinz are providing the turkey gravy (yes..jarred gravy…I don’t make edible gravy…I make a paste that Hobby Lobby could sell).  As I am an HONEST contrarian, I bought the dinners rolls too…don’t tell the ‘Food Police’ (and I will deny it and say my page was hacked…) but the turkey is thawing on the kitchen counter (shudders).

I am so thankful for the opportunity to ‘do’ this meal and especially thankful for all who will be here to enjoy.  In our family gathering we have Celiacs, Diabetics, and a DH whose heart attack this past summer now has to be remembered with low sodium; no cholesterol;  absent transfats cooking.  Add in the gluten free; low carbs and sugars; and one with a shellfish allergy…well…I am just glad to say, ‘pass the Promise margarine and ‘butter up’ this styrofoamy thingy we are calling a roll… I am just so happy that you are all HERE.’

From my group of nutritionally challenged Contrarians to your Familia…G-d Bless and Happy Thanksgiving!!!  And when you get a chance…quality test your marshmallows!!!

Kimchee Summit Anyone?

The US wakes up this morning to the news that Kim Jong Il’s progeny and heir apparent (let’s just call him Junior) hit the buttons and sent some North Korean artillery reigning down upon South Korea…with the Nork shells hitting a South Korean Island.

Tensions are high to say the least; and aren’t all glad that, just like the NoKos…we have our OWN Dear Leader, sitting in the White Hut?

Yes, I too am afraid…

For the US’s part and support, Barky, after several texts from George Soros; Obot minions dispatched to the web to ‘read’ the base ‘down in the DUmps;’ and a ‘three a.m. phone call to resident Democrat ‘foreign policy expert, Joe BiteMe’  who, when awakened, mumbled something about “daddy, training wheels coming off, and don’t you have Hillary’s cell number?” released a really, super deduper, strongly worded response.  And he WILL acknowledge it, right after he reads it off of TOTUS…in the mean time, Press Secretary Bob Gibbs, was dispatched and called out  North Korea to ‘halt this belligerent action.’

South Korea has always been a strong allie; tens of thousands of US Troops are stationed there…this is isn’t an isolated act of aggression (a South Korean warship, back in May: )  But it how the world, and South Korean allies react that makes all the difference.

Elections do have consequences…


Midday, it has been confirmed that two South Korean Marines were killed, and 17 civilians injured.  South Korea has stated that any further aggression will be met with ‘sternly’  to any further provocations.  From the UK Telegragh:


Gate Rape; Third Base; and the Death of the Fourth Amendment…

The image was stunning, an elderly, Roman Catholic nun, being groped by a TSA agent sporting a Muslim head scarf, with Old Glory hiding its stars in shame overhead.


But it got worse, a 6 year old boy forced to remove his hoodie (why, because the now viral video shows he was afraid and backing away from the blue gloved groping stranger):

The shirtless, shivering little guy was THIS week’s answer to last week’s screaming in tears three year old girl…

A 61 year old bladder cancer survivor has his port dislodged (and the offending action ignored by the blue gloved menace) and he is forced travel in urine soaked clothes…

A stewardess, employed by the same airline for 28 years and who is also a breast cancer survivor, misses her flight as she is forced to remove her prosthetic for her blue gloved tormentor; a woman with two knee replacements is reduced to tears by her TSA ‘reach up the skirt’ assault, and we can all rest not so easy knowing that no leg brace, wheel chair, or ostomy bag has been left unscathed.

But not to worry, Joe and Jill Biden chime in (after flying in on Air Force Two for their Larry King sit down ) that the security ‘is needed’ (but not whilst flying courtesy of the US tax payer–Dr. Jill’s underwire bra is apparently off limits)  and Barrack Insane Obama ‘jokes’ with the Euro media that he will have HIS tax payer dime supplied Air Force Won ‘stop in South America to see Hugo Chavez…’  on the way home from Lisbon.

Oh the Hillarity goes on and on…as even Secretary of State Clinton tells Fox when asked if she would undergo a pat down ‘not if I could avoid it.’

And avoid she does…did the Fox newsie think to ask, ‘ahh, Madame Secretary, when did you last fly commercial?’  No ways…because the last time any Clinton, or Obama, or Biden flew with the American populace, the Fourth Amendment still had meaning.

“The RIGHT of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall NOT be violated, and no Warrants, shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons’ or things to be seized.”

Profound words, written in 1791, that held true til the Federally disbursed, blue gloved, sometimes head scarfed, soon to be SEIU represented, politically correct TSA officers arrived at an airport near you to replace the historic eloquence of the Constitution with ‘lift your arms above your head, and move your legs apart…’ speaks to where our Country has landed after 229 years of FREE ‘flight.’







I Really WASN’T Thinking About Aging…

Honest.  What with the Obamaconomy tanking; my grocery bill raising one week to the next (sugar is at a 30 year high in price); gasoline prices inching towards $3.00 (again); Christmas coming and I still have to figure out how to afford Thanksgiving…

So my gravitas hasn’t been front and center…til I read Drudge.

Matt has front and center (and fortunately cropped)  a photo of three women, who the UK Daily Mail say are  Susan Sarandon, Sigourney Weaver, and Jane Fonda.   Maybe that is what their publicists want us to believe:

According to the the ‘V’ Magazine article the Mail is hyping, those crazy gals listed above ‘age in’ at 68, 62, and 72 respectively, and the most senior, Fonda, is shown folded over a table (personally, upon scrutinizing the photo, I think she just fell faint from the fumes of the hair products that rock that ‘do coupled with the circulatory restrictions of her, ahhh, garments) .

When most readers at those ages are trying to stay current with the Plavix, Boniva and Lipitor scripts and still have food and electricity, we are supposed to believe that instead they should  be concerned with squeezing into cat suits; donning wig hats; and having Glamour Shots makeovers (what on Senior Discount Day?)

How detached from reality ARE these people?  And how skilled are the V mag photo refinishers?

Sorry V (and Susan, Sigourney and Jane)…

We ALL look younger…

Why?  Mass marketing of hair dye.  Simple.  Walk into a Wal-Mart or Walgreens (and use your Senior discount!) and buy the shade of your dreams.  There aren’t alot gray heads out there (l’Oreal haircolor sales were up 7 percent last year) due to the ease of acessiblity and application of boxed, at home hair colors…so by virtue of the visual the AREN’T alot of old ‘looking’ people.

And once you color in the privacy of your own home, you can then go out into the real, non photoshopped world, dressed AGE APPROPRIATELY.  Hopefully you won’t find yourself draped over any tables (unless of course you ARE on Plavix and stand up too quickly…but that is another topic for a BarkyCare thread.)

60 is the ‘new’ 40…but only if you use ‘progressive’ math (or try critical thinking in overly lycra’d feline wear).




Honey, Does This Caddy Make My Administration Look Small??

This Ain't No Kia!

So, Dear Leader came back from India/Korea/Japan…the 3000 Official Aides; Aides to Official Aides; Ladies In Waiting; Interns to the Aides, otherwise known as ‘Da Posse’ unpacked; did some laundry; vacuumed the crumbs outta Air Force Won and now…

Are off to to Lisbon!!!  And what oh what is the topic at THIS particular G-20 confab (and yes, it IS a whole NEWBIE topic from LAST week’s G-20…which is just so…well, last week!) why of course, GLOBULL WARMING!!! And Smart Carz and Smart Buses…and, reducing Carbon FootPrints (or FingerPrints) and our very Prexie is tooling ’round Lisbon town in, the official Cadillac of the United States…not so fondly named by the Euro Press ‘The Beast.’

No one on the planet needs more security than the President of the United States.  That is a given…yet, one has to wonder…did anyone look at THIS G-20 meeting agenda  meme and be like ‘ahhh, this Spanish coffeeklatch is all about carbon credits and electric cars, maybe we should ‘Go To Meeting.Com’ this one and keep with the Greenie spirit happening?’


Road Trip!!!

(Maybe Michelle mentioned some swell restaurants)!

Old McDonald, Had a Fatwah…E I E I Oh!

First they came for the Happy Meal toys…but, hey…I don’t live in San Francisco…

Now, in Great Britain, they have come for the toy pigs…from Glenn Beck’s the Blaze:

The pig in the playset was considered, possibly, O-F-F-E-N-S-I-V-E, so, even though the toy base unit ‘oinks’ and even though there is a ‘pig pen’ the poricine figure itself was removed.

When and where (obviously NOT the UK) will the madness end?

With this logic the Three Little Pigs, well, they are history already (and besides the Fox is probably on an ‘endangered species list.”)  Will the Old Brown Cow now become the ‘Gravitas Bovine of Color?’  Euro kidlets probably are already told that the Old Woman in the Shoe had ‘so many children’ because she didn’t have access to Nationalized Health Care’s ‘Family Planning Services’  and I really don’t want to learn anything ‘new’ about Henny Penny and that ‘falling sky screed’ given the TSA’s ‘search policies.’

Hanzel and Gretel  couldn’t leave that trail of crumbs today  due to sugar and transfats; and Jack and Jill, well they better NOT be going up the hill for water in the California Imperial Valley.

Its enough to make the Golden Goose buy adtime on Glenn Beck’s show.


Because it Really IS ALLLLL About “Them…”

And it is NOT the “them” you will think.

Happy, fairy tale news from the House of Windsor today…Princess William will marry Miss Kate Middleton this spring or summer.

Now, having  just helped plan my own daughter’s wedding (right down to mums in hollowed out pumpkins, hand caligraphing the invites, and baking 26 million gazillion cookies)…I for one am just flabbergasted at the ‘open date’…but when (sniff) a couple has ‘people’ to do such things…well…I guess one can be more flexible.

One of my fondest memories was getting up at 3:00 a.m. to watch the Royal wedding on  July 29, 1981.  It was a fairy tale come to life.  Except the Prince wasn’t so Charming, and the ending wasn’t so happy…but what the hey, the event itself was beyond awesome.  The arrival in the carriage; the Dress; Kiri Tikanawa’s voice; Trumpet Voluntary; did I mention the Dress?; the tiara; the amazing flowers (which probably really chapped the old’ chap Prince Greenie).  Amazing…but this isn’t about Wills and Kate and THEIR upcoming nuptuals or the grandeur of the House of Windsor…


Its about Shelli and Barry and how THEY ARE NOT GOING TO BE INVITED.

Hehehehe..when the news broke, no doubt, one of Shelli’s Ladies in Waiting (on the 7 to 3 shift…it IS  a 24/7  effort to maintain Fashion Icon(tm) status) probably thought, as she was sippping her latte, ‘Jason Wu?’  “Azzedine Alaia?” ‘It will have to be a dayglo  shade for proper command of all crowd photos; and the hat will have to have its own zip code.  Maybe Maria Toledo can do a shiny identifiable from aerial shots metallic number?”

The buzz in the East Wing must have been deafening–all the preening and prepping for the invite to come..

Until about an hour later when it was revealed that THIS Royal Wedding will be a smaller venue than Chuck and Di’s (they used the palatial size St. Paul’s Cathedral in London).  The British press reads this as NO foreign dignitaries and NO heads (or in the US case,  ASSES) of State…so…


Maybe Grandma Liz can giftie our Ruling Wons, in their trip next Fall across the pond, with a complete boxed set of ‘The Weddings of Windsor’  versions 1.1 and 1.2 (iPod ready?)

As for the Soetaro’s present to the newlyweds…well, I am guessing something ‘Indian’ (dot not feather) and Kate, hon, DON’T try to return it at Bombay Imports.


Wills and Miss Middleton have set the date for their nuptuals.  Keeping with Royal tradition, the couple will marry on a week day…so mark you calendars for Friday, April 29, 2011.  The ceremony to take place at Westminster Abbey 🙂

Complaints, Compliments and, Ahh, Uhhm, Strawberries.

Once a G20 Rock Star, he gave tingles, lowered oceans and healed planets.  Now, well…he’s  forced to troll for kudos in a Japanese port city…

TOTUS, 'Uh No' in Yokohama

Rick Moran has an excellent piece in today’s American Thinker:

The most telling quote, a reflection–not from TOTUS–but from where Obama’s ‘mind is at’  came when Dear Leader answered SeeBS’s Chip Reid’s query of ‘what about the COMPLIANTS have you heard from other G-20 leaders during the summit?’ and Duh Won answered, as a only a true narcissist can, ‘What about the COMPLIMENTS?’

Compliments?  For what?  Showing up? Defending Jihad? Ruining the US and by domino effect free world economies?

Soon, I fear, Barry’s conversation will turn to missing strawberries…”ahh, but the strawberries, thats…that’s where is I had them…they laughed at me, made jokes but I proved, beyond a shadow of doubt…with geometric logic…”

Geometric logic must be the incredibly COMPLIMENTARY explanation to Quantitative Easing, ObamaCare, and possibly that promised planetary healing.  Its all hidden in the Wardroom Icebox.  Behind the organic, White House garden strawberries.

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